Podcasts & Blogs

Co-authored Unit42 Blogs

The Innocent Until Proven Guilty Learning Framework Helps Overcome Benign Append Attacks (September, 2021)

Discovering CAPTCHA Protected Phishing Campaigns (August, 2021)

Studying How Cybercriminals Prey on the COVID-19 Pandemic (April, 2020)

Caught in the Act: From Intrusive Coin Miners to Scam Websites (January, 2019)

AcademicSecurity Podcast

The first Ukrainian podcast about scientific approach to cyber security.

Thanks to [a.voice] for music! Episodes are available on Spotify

Invited guest at Podcasts

No Name Podcast (Dec, 2020) – No Name Special: Інтерв’ю з Олексієм Старовим

I also helped to co-host several episodes and interviews of the famous Ukrainian Securit13 podcast (back in 2018)